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Running Tips From Your Houston Sports Medicine Doctor

Author: Rosemary Buckle, M.D.

A couple of weeks ago I shared an infographic about ten of the most common running injuries. While recognizing the symptoms of these injuries may be helpful in preventing them from worsening, just having knowledge of the symptoms isn’t enough to prevent injury from occurring. Below are a few tips that can benefit any runner – whether you’ve been running for a few days or a few years.

4 Running Tips for All Levels

  1. Having good running form is paramount. Even the slightest misalignments in form can lead to fatigue and injury when they’re practiced mile after mile, week after week. Two common mistakes in running form are over-striding (and, consequently, heel-striking) and bending at the waist. Have an experienced running partner or physician evaluate your form.
  2. Some methods for correcting over-stride… (1) Wear a shoe with minimal cushioning. This allows you to feel the impact of each step to a greater degree, thereby increasing your awareness of the impact of your stride. (2) Bring up your cadence to 170-190 steps per minute. Many cases of over-striding occur when runners don’t take enough steps per minute and compensate with a longer gait.
  3. To correct forward bending of the waist, imagine a string running up your spine and through the top of your head toward the sky! This is the straight line on which you want to center your posture: no bending of the waist or neck.
  4. (Loosely) adhere to the 10 Percent Rule. The “10 Percent Rule” states that a runner should never increase her mileage by more than 10 percent each week. So, if you run 15 miles this week, don’t aim for more than 16.5 miles the next week. Generally, this runner’s proverb is a good rule of thumb. But listen to your body (and your Houston sports med physician!) above all else.

For more general injury prevention tips, view this page. If you would like to meet with a Houston sports medicine physician to further discuss running injury prevention or have an injury evaluated, I invite you to contact us this spring.

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