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How to Warm Up for Basketball, Golf & Tennis

Author: Rosemary Buckle, M.D.

A little warmup can go a long way. And failing to properly warm up before getting out on the court or green can be a costly mistake. An infographic published on Advocate Health Care provides some easy-to-follow suggestions for warming up before playing basketball, golf and tennis.

Basketball Warmup Tips

Off the court…

    • Exercise 30 minutes a day
    • Do aerobic, core and low-level plyometric exercises (these include jumping jacks, Burpees, standing long jump and high knees).
    • Do lower extremity flexibility and strengthening exercises.

Game time…

    • Warm up thoroughly before game time.
    • Start slowly with small jumps and gradually build.
    • Land softly to absorb the shock.

Additional basketball injury prevention tips:

Golf Warmup Tips

Always warm up before the first tee… to reduce the risk of injury and improve your score! Did you know that a dynamic stretch warmup before playing can help increase club head speed and ball speed?

Warm up to improve:

    • Drive distance
    • Smash factor
    • Number of consistent ball strikes

Additional golf injury prevention tips:

Tennis Warmup Tips

Good tennis warmup exercises include:

    • Aerobic and core exercises.
    • Lower extremity flexibility and strengthening exercises.
    • Shoulder and elbow exercises.

Additional tennis prevention tips:

Be aware: Shoulder and elbow overuse injuries can occur from the repetitive overhead forces and torques involved in serving and volleying.

View the full infographic below for more information…

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