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How to Strengthen a Weak or Stiff Wrist

Author: Niki L. Carayannopoulos, DO

Do you have a weak or stiff wrist? Patients at Houston Institute for Sports Medicine & Orthopedics may experience wrist pain for a variety of reasons, including sport participation, repetitive motions (in a hobby or on the job), carpal tunnel syndrome and other causes.

If you are experiencing persistent wrist pain, inflammation or tenderness, see your primary care doctor or an orthopedic physician near you for an evaluation and diagnosis. Many cases of wrist pain can be treated non-surgically with stretches and exercises.

With your doctor’s approval, look into exercises that strengthen your wrist and enhance flexibility. Stronger, more flexible joints may be less susceptible to pain and inflammation. Here are some exercises that may help with strength and mobility…

Prayer Hands

While standing, place the palms against one another with fingers pointing straight up in a prayer position. Draw the elbows together, which will raise your hands up in front of your face. Slowly lower the elbows, allowing them to flex outward. Your palms should remain pressed firmly against each other. As the palms lower and begin to align with the abdomen, you will feel a stretch in the wrist. Hold this stretch for 15-20 seconds. Raise the palms back up, and repeat ten times.

Tennis Ball Squeeze

Many people who spend hours on the computer every day develop wrist pain. One way to treat this pain is by improving grip strength with a tennis ball squeeze. This is a simple exercise to interject throughout your work day. Simply squeeze a tennis ball as hard as you can for approximately five seconds. Repeat ten times or more in each hand.

Clenched Fist

The clenched fist exercise is great for getting a deep stretch. While sitting, rest the forearms in front of you. The backs of your hands should touch the tops of your legs. Make a fist and curl your fists toward you, being careful to maintain contact between the arms and the legs. Hold the curl for ten seconds, then slowly release. Open your hands upon release. Repeat ten times.

Schedule With a Houston Orthopedic Doctor

Struggling with wrist pain? Find out how an orthopedic physician may be able to help. It all starts with an evaluation and diagnosis – schedule an appointment at Houston Institute for Sports Medicine & Orthopedics by calling (713) 756-5546. You can also schedule your appointment online.

Please consult with your physician before undertaking any form of medical treatment or adopting any exercise program or dietary guidelines.