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Houston Sports Med Talk: Why Do I Need a Physical Therapist?

Author: Rosemary Buckle, M.D. | 

If you’ve suffered a fall or sports injury, your local Houston orthopedic physician may have provided you with a brace or other treatment. Perhaps you even saw an orthopedic surgeon. While the initial therapy is of great importance, it’s oftentimes equally important that you see a physical therapist for continued healing.

What is a physical therapist’s role?

A physical therapist can help you protect a recovering joint or ligament after you’ve undergone surgery or treatment. The therapist will also work with you to strengthen the weakened muscle or muscle group so that you can return to the quality of life you enjoyed prior to your injury. If you’ve had a major surgery, like hip or knee replacement, this is especially important. Your therapist can help you work out a lot of the pain and stiffness you may feel in the weeks following surgery. 

How do I know if I need to see a physical therapist?

Your provider at our downtown Houston orthopedic offices will let you know if physical therapy is right for you. One benefit of seeing an experienced orthopedic physician is that you may be more likely to get a referral to an excellent, specialized therapist whose work and methodologies your surgeon is familiar with. 

Is physical therapy covered by my insurance?

Generally, physical therapy is covered by insurance. However, you should contact your insurance provider to learn more about P.T. coverage. Also, you should be aware that some insurance companies require policyholders to get a referral to a therapist through their physician in order to receive coverage. Though that may be your insurer’s policy, you can legally see a physical therapist in Texas without a referral. This is known as “direct access.” However, P.T.s in Texas cannot legally diagnose a disease.

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