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Choosing the Right Exercise Equipment for Your Home Gym (INFOGRAPHIC)

Author: Rosemary Buckle, M.D.

For many of us, going to the gym is a less-than-ideal prospect. Maybe it’s the distance, time spent driving, cost of membership, or simply a deep-rooted desire to not be seen by anyone else as we sweat it out on the treadmill!

For the gym-averse, American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) presents some excellent alternatives in a recent infographic, “What Exercise Equipment is Good for Your Home Weight Room?” Today we’re sharing the entire infographic below on the Houston Institute for Sports Medicine & Orthopedics Blog. Let’s take a closer look together at some ACSM’s analysis…


Kettlebells can be a great way to get small to moderate muscle size gains without dedicating a large part of your home to exercise equipment. Kettlebells do not, however, have safety built-in features.

Free Weights

Free weights are the only option for individuals wanting to pursue large muscle gains. Many free weight systems have built-in safety features like collars for barbells or dumbbells. However, user skill and technique is also very important for using these safely.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands seem to be an ACSM preference, and for good reason. They’re portable, have built-in safety features (mechanisms that protect against over-stretching), cost very little, and take up hardly any space, making them great for travel or for taking with you to the office, etc..

Suspension Systems

Portable, low-cost, and occupying little space, suspension systems can be a good option for people looking for small to moderate muscle size gains.

Medicine Balls

Ever popular, medicine balls also take up little space, have a low cost, and can be perfect for individuals looking for small muscle gains.

Total Trainer System

A total trainer system is one of the few systems on ACSM’s list that doesn’t require user skill and technique to utilize. Plus, with built-in safety features like hard stops on the sled and adjustable resistance, total trainer systems can be relatively safe ways to get small to moderate muscle size gains.

Weight Machine System

Finally, a weight machine system also offers small to moderate muscle size gains, as well as built-in safety features. Unfortunately, costs are very high for these systems, which also come with a large footprint.

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