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All of Kobe Bryant’s Basketball Injuries in One Infographic

Author: Rosemary Buckle, M.D.

All professional athletes have their share of injuries, but Kobe Bryant has experienced no fewer than twenty-two injuries in his professional career. An infographic published on USA Today sums up Bryant’s injuries from 1996 through 2014. Let’s take a closer look at these basketball injuries…

    • Fractured knee (39+ games out) – A fracture’s enough to make anyone take a rest. When Bryant fractured his left knee (a lateral tibial plateau fracture), he experienced ongoing pain and swelling that resulted in a return-to-play clearance being constantly pushed further out. Learn more about the different types of fractures and what treatment options may be available.
    • Achilles’ surgery (19 games out) – While it can take a full six months for a ruptured Achilles tendon to heal, Kobe Bryant only missed 19 games as a result of his Achilles surgery. Much less severe than a full rupture, Achilles tendinitis can be very irritating and impact not just your game, but your quality of life. Learn more in this post.
    • Fractured metacarpal (15 games out)
    • Severe sprain, ankle (14 games out)
    • Sore foot (9 games out)
    • Sprained shoulder (8 games out)
    • Tenosynovitis, shin (7 games out)
    • Laceration, index finger (7 games out)
    • Avulsion fracture, index finger (2 games out)
    • Severe sprain, ankle (2 games out) – While Bryant had four sprained ankles land him on the bench, he only sustained one severe sprain during his time in the NBA. What makes a “severe” sprain severe? Complete rupture of ligament or complete separation of ligament from bone. Treated through surgical repair, followed by physical therapy. Recovery time? Eight to ten weeks.
    • Torn Achilles’ tendon (2 games out)
    • Knee surgery (2 games out)
    • Knee swelling (2 games out) – In many cases, knee swelling can be managed at home through RICE. Learn more about RICE and caring for knee swelling in this blog post.
    • Viral infection (2 games out)
    • Sprained ankle (x4 – 1, 3, 3 and 5 games out)
    • Bruised shin (1 game out)
    • Strained hip flexor (1 game out)
    • Sore knee (1 game out)
    • Flu (1 game out)

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