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4 Sports Medicine Nutrition Myths… Test Your Knowledge!

Author: Rosemary Buckle, M.D.

Think you know sports medicine nutrition? Take a look at these four common sports medicine nutrition myths to see where you stand…

#1 I need LOTS of protein after my workout to improve muscle recovery. Protein? Yes. Lots of protein? Not necessarily. Protein intake reaches a point where benefits tail off. Typically, ten to 20 grams of high-quality protein is enough to help muscles recover. Any protein consumed beyond that point will most likely just be burned as fuel.

#2 Drink milk for strong bones. The “Got Milk?” campaign of the 1990s turned many people onto the idea of drinking milk for strong bones and good health–just like all of the superstar athletes who appeared in the billboards and magazine ads. However, the connection between milk and strong bones may not be as strong as you have been led to believe. Some research suggests that the acid in milk causes bones to actually release calcium in an effort to correct the imbalance in the body’s pH level that milk causes. Sure, milk is a good source of calcium. But you can get just as much calcium through higher quality sources like greens and legumes.

#3 I don’t need sports drinks. Water is fine. Yes, when it comes to hydration, water is hard to beat. However, water doesn’t offer all of the nutrients that could benefit your body during and after a high-intensity workout or athletic event. Sports drinks can help replenish carbohydrates and electrolytes. So, while you should consider water your #1 fluid, don’t discount the potential benefit of a sports beverage for activity.

#4 I can eat however much I want because I work out. If only! Even a very intense hour of exercise will only burn 1,000 calories or so (at the most). It’s not hard to regain those 1,000 calories in your next meal. If you’re particularly ravenous after your workout, then you might blow right past the 1,000-calorie mark and keep on eating! Your sports medicine doctor or dietitian can help you figure out a diet that works for your exercise habits and health goals.

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