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10 Common Running Injuries – Know the Symptoms! (INFOGRAPHIC)

Author: Rosemary Buckle, M.D.

No matter your level of experience or physical fitness, running injuries happen. I’m reminded of a Runner’s World article that reposted the injury log of 2008 Olympic middle and long distance runner Amy Yoder Begley:

  • Two strained hip flexors
  • Strained right Achilles tendon
  • Broken third metatarsal
  • Nerve damage in left ankle

…and the list goes on. The author of the article makes a great point:

What [the injury log] reveals is not only the prevalence of running injuries, but the fact that we need to ditch some old thinking about running health. There isn’t a fine line between health and injury: There is no line. We are all, at all times, on a continuum between being unable to walk to running freely without pain – the closest we can come to being “injury-free” – yet even then we’re managing defects, weaknesses, imbalances, scar tissue and the stresses of the activity itself.

Preventing Running Injuries In Houston

While running injuries are extremely common (having finished three Ironman triathlons and one marathon, I know!), some can be prevented. View the infographic below to learn about 10 common running injuries and their symptoms. As a Houston orthopedic physician in a city with so many runners, I evaluate many of these conditions on a regular basis. Learning the symptoms of these injuries can help you improve your ability to listen to your body and know when to stop.

  1. Spinal Compression: Running impact causes vertebral compression. Symptom: Temporary loss of height, which may become permanent.
  2. Piriformis Syndrome: Caused by tightening of the piriformis muscle. Symptom: Pain that radiates down the back of the leg.
  3. Groin Pull: Caused by overextending inner thigh muscles. Symptom: Similar to hernia symptoms.
  4. Hamstring Strain: Caused by improper (or no) warm-up. Symptom: Sudden, sharp pain in the back of the thigh.
  5. Iliotibial Band Syndrome: Caused by friction. Symptom: Pain in hip or knee.
  6. Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: Also known as “runner’s knee,” this injury is idiopathic. Symptom: Pain under or around the kneecap.
  7. Calf Muscle Pull: Caused by the calf muscle pulling away from the Achilles tendon. Symptom: Common to hear a popping sound when the tear occurs.
  8. Shin Splints: Caused by a lack of conditioning. Symptom: Pain along shin.
  9. Achilles Tendonitis: Caused by chronic overuse. Symptom: Pain along back of ankle.
  10. Plantar Fasciitis: Caused by inflammation of the ligament along the bottom of the foot. Symptom: Pain on the bottom of the heel.

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